Simplified communication and collaboration

Powerful tools that help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create - all in one place.

Focus on creating your content, not on working the technology

We offer the best Microsoft intranet and tools beyond communication and collaboration for enhanced employee engagement and effective organizational development no matter where your staff works from.

Our Technologies

Work effectively together: improve productivity, save time, and accomplish more.

Provide unmatched simplicity, security, and scale for an office of one or thousands.


Connect your team and your customers with a PBX for modern work.

Collaboration: achieve more together

Solutions to help you build a better digital workday experience, based on your and your staff’s needs

We are on a quest to make employee communications easy so everyone can focus on the most important part of their work. As part of our workplace modernisation offerings with augment communications to, enhance your corporate culture, create inclusivity, and altogether better workday experience supported by the best digital tools out there outside and inside of Microsoft!

Connect and engage your people, working remotely or together

Veracloud helps to keep employees engaged without the need to take on yet another solution.

We connect employees and break the barriers between departments and office locations with our custom Intranet’s and other communication solutions. No matter if they are in the same building or working remotely a whole world apart, all communications from telephony, news to files can be accessed from a desktop, tablet, or through a native mobile app.

Products and solutions that make hybrid work, work better

Automate repeatable, day-to-day tasks​

The move to flexible work​

Balance productivity and wellbeing

Connect anyone, anywhere securely

User Device Management​

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