Don’t be blind to cyber threats.

Get the visibility and support needed to detect and respond to attacks before they damage your business.

Understanding if your business is ready to withstand the latest cyber threats is pivotal to a successful cyber security strategy. Determined cybercriminals will exploit any and all vulnerabilities to compromise an organisation’s defences, meaning regular cyber security assessment of infrastructure, people and processes is paramount.

We offer a scalable, multi-user web application security solution with built-in workflow and reporting tools ideal for security teams. Our solution can run as a service or hosted on-premises, and can be fully integrated in any development or testing environment.

Managed Vulnerabilty & Pentesting Service for Web Applications

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We deliver managed security services that help organisations detect and respond to threats and breaches. Trust our cyberoffensive experts, technology and intelligence to defend your web and online applications like it’s our own.

Stay ahead of the adversary
Regularly performed scans and remediating vulnerabilities to avoid giving hackers an easy route of compromise.
Improve detection and response
Combined vulnerability scanning with supplementary network monitoring technologies such as SIEM to enhance the ability to identify the latest threats.
Channel future investment
Resiliency assessment of in-place controls, identifying areas of improvements through continuous vulnerability scans to greatly enhance your security posture.
Receive help addressing vulnerabilities
Scan analysis with comprehensible reports that describe the potential impact with a clear, actionable and prioritised remediation guidance.
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A single web security platform for small businesses, enterprise customers, pentesters and web professionals.

Highest detection rating of over 6500 vulnerabilities in custom, commercial, and open-source apps with nearly 0% false positives
Easily generate a wide variety of management and compliance reports to find out what needs to be addressed
Issue Tracker integration such as Jira and WAF Virtual Patching to streamline bug fixing processes
Black-box, Gray-box and Out-of-band testing from one console
Advanced Crawling & Authentication support providing the ability to crawl Javascript websites and SPAs
Automate new build scanning with integrated CI tools such as Jenkins
Interactive application security testing to find and test hidden inputs not discovered during black-box scanning (DAST)
The fastest scanner in the industry with multi-engine technology and pause resume functionality.

Is your website hackable?

70% are. Detect and act quickly with our web application security solution and services.

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