Flexible secure workforce.

Enable a digital workplace with tools to collaborate and innovate.

A Modern Workplace – also called a Microsoft 365 powered device – is a device that brings together Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus and Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite plus all integrated cloud-driven experiences to boost teamwork and creativity with the latest security tech, all in a way that is simple to manage.

We are with you on this journey and committed to help foster a new culture of work inside your organisation.

Collaboration has come a long way. Employees today expect computer-based phone services, video and web conferencing, and real-time collaboration on individual documents or in virtual project rooms to be productive together.
Personalised Insights
Business intelligence allows employees to quickly identify and leverage knowledge within their organisation. Artificial intelligence relieves workers of repetitive tasks, running quietly in the background and delivering consistent quality at all times.
The workplace of the future makes employees more independent. They can access data and applications across a variety of devices whenever and wherever they need to, making communication extremely fast and hassle-free.

Next Generation Workplace.

Our modern workplace solution is a complete, intelligent solution to empower employees to be creative and work together, securely.

Imagine spending less to operate your end-devices, or paying only for the resources you actually use. Our workplace services not only save you money, they also enable you to adapt IT workplaces to new requirements quickly and easily. The result is a more flexible, transparent cost structure and future-ready infrastructure. In addition to optimising costs and processes, a workplace solution must drive employee productivity. That’s why our solutions deliver an integrated set of services and solutions, all tailored to fit your organisation’s individual needs.

Unlocks Creativity
We deploy and optimise the platform needed to support the digitalisation of the workplace. We help organisations meet user expectations by creating compelling content with intelligent apps, digital services and channels so they can work naturally with ink, voice and touch.
Built for Teamwork
We enable users to engage more effectively with colleagues, partners and customers by implementing collaboration solutions that work across multiple devices and platforms. This holistic approach enables anytime, anywhere engagement and ensures a seamless user experience across physical, virtual and digital environments.
Integrated for Simplicity
From Device-as-a-Service and provisioning of new software to delivering support services, we transform how users access workplace IT resources. We customise portals and apps to make the IT experience more personal and proactive and maximise user productivity and engagement.
Intelligent Security
We ensure the accessibility and security of information across different devices and solutions, so users can tap into traditional and digital knowledge sources. By leveraging analytics, we evaluate the user experience to help improve performance and adoption and drive future innovation.

The Future of Work.

Microsoft 365 – The best computing experience for business, powered by Windows and Office, that’s loved by IT and users.

Empower users with the productivity tools they need to get the job done, while protecting them with cloud-powered security, while IT teams can take advantage of simplified management to reduce costs. Get modern by upgrading to Windows 10 and Office 365 to remain current with automatic security updates and deliver user-friendly experiences across all apps and devices.

Everything users love about the PC experience, enhanced by their phones and the cloud

  • Intelligent assistance to stay in the flow
  • Easy-to-use data analytics
  • Powerful content-creation tools
  • Natural interaction through voice, touch, and ink interaction options
  • Contextual collaboration and sharing

Proactive user and organisation protection with cloud-powered intelligent security

  • Proactive issue detection
  • Safeguarding of your company’s most important data
  • Protection against advanced threats
  • Simplified identity and access management
  • Minimised data loss prevention input requirements

Transform IT and reduce costs with agile updates and simplified management

  • Application compatibility you can trust
  • Agile, lighter-weight updates
  • Frictionless, out-of-the-box experience
  • Comprehensive, cloud-based app delivery model
  • Unified management system across all device needs

We will take you to the cloud and beyond.

We are combining innovative Digital Workplace services with classical disciplines like device and patch management of PCs, mobile devices, and MACs in a cloud-first world. By using modern management technologies we keep your users mobile, secure, and connected in a smart and intuitive way.

Try out Microsoft 365 for yourself today.

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