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To Your Anywhere Data Centre.

Understanding what cloud migration is and how it can benefit your business is key to help you decide on the best strategy to achieve a smooth transition. COVID-19 has created a turning point that requires every company to dramatically accelerate their cloud migration discussions which are needed to create a foundation for end-to-end digital transformation.

Introduce new application and data capabilities using programmable or software-defined infrastructure faster like never before.
Azure is not only a greener cloud—running on 100% renewable energy—but is up to 98% more carbon efficient than a traditional, on-premises datacenter.
More Secure
Azure has built-in security and compliance that meets global standards, along with support from Veracloud dedicated security professionals.

Our Capabilities.

Veracloud helps you navigate the complexities. We work with you to first determine the right cloud strategy, operating model and roadmap. We then combine our deep industry and business acumen with technology insights to build the requirement. The result of this will help you execute a seamless migration and modernization to Cloud that is secure, cost-effective, and agile.

Our comprehensive Azure cloud migration framework brings industrialized capabilities together with exclusive pre-configured industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models and multiple delivery methods (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS).

025-cloud computing
Discovery & Analysis
Using tools, we scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.
004-cloud computing
Leveraging data from discovery and analysis, we assess your business needs, identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy.
019-cloud computing
Migration Planning
Our analysis tools help discover dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remediations helping you reduce risk, time and cost.
014-cloud computing
We use automated cloud management and migration tools to support a smooth transition, along with a transformation management plan to stay on track.

Your cloud on Azure

Cloud Migration to Azure unlocks trapped value and transforms your core business


Realize up to 30% reduction in IT spend.


Benefit from over 50% reduction in time to market.


Achieve over 20% increase in employee productivity.

Migrate to Microsoft Azure

Through our unmatched partnership with Microsoft, your business can be sure to take the right approach to unlock the full promise of the cloud, fast.

Veracloud and Microsoft have scaled migrations with unmatched speed and expertise for many clients. We can accelerate your migration to the Azure cloud, unlocking the resilience and flexibility to remain competitive in today’s uncertain business environment. And we’re a partner for long-term innovation, helping you achieve sustainable growth by tapping into new levels of automation and intelligent insights at scale.

Through the combined Azure expertise, we empower you to define outcomes and use cases particular to your industry and your organization, putting you on the path to run your business in an entirely new way.

Microsoft 2021 Partner of the Year for Malta!