Modern Application Services for an Agile Digital Economy.

Re-Architect & Transform.

Our approach to modernisation goes beyond simply “Lifting and Shifting” your existing assets. We take a focused approach to solving business problems with transformational, organisational-wide technical solutions and processes. We aim to help drive a paradigm shift away from typical upgrade cycles and instead, focusing on new capabilities made possible by cloud operating models. We also balance this, as it does not necessarily make sense to lead with completely transforming workloads in all instances. Hence, we therefore assess each Business System and work with you to determine the best approach on a case-by-case basis.


Now to Next

Give your applications a quick facelift without any disruption.


Now to New

Take your applications to new efficiencies and sustain it without losing steam


Now to Novel

Drive a systemic change in your application architecture and delivery

Accelerate your journey with us.

There is no easy migration tool. Our services can help streamline modernisation by providing relationship-based, end-to-end support that helps you manage costs and risk to allow you to augment your in-house IT skills.

We will assess your business-critical applications and for those that can be modernised, evaluate the risk against the reward of doing so. Once we have assessed your applications, we will work with your teams to establish a modernisation framework and roadmap.
We will look at our assessment list and pick an application with the highest ratio of reward to risk. We will then modernise that application and go through an evaluation phase, which validates the modernisation framework.
We will work through the list of target applications, evaluating and modernising them as appropriate. We don’t refactor code during this phase but rather move the application (lift and shift) into an environment that enables application optimisation.
Once an application is in a modern platform and is ready for optimisation, we will refactor components of the application, or extend new functionality of that application using modern practices. Some of which include leveraging Automation, Container services, Service Fabrics, Kubernetes, Serverless Functions, or Logic Apps.

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