Modern infrastructure and delivery practices.

Balance trade-offs between performance, resiliency and costs, solve key application issues and improve the reliability of critical applications.

Successful delivery of modern cloud applications requires more than a focus on agile development. Operations are also essential to maintaining user satisfaction, access and to scale with growth. Cloud, utilising fixed ‘T-shirt’ sized services and commodity infrastructure requires a different approach to managing reliability and application scaling. We can help you design applications that automatically scale and effortlessly fail-over in an emergency, combining redundancies at the data centre and regional levels. We also help in Automating your builds and deployments with Pipelines so you spend less time with the nuts and bolts and more time being creative.

What we offer.

We help by bridging the gap between the development team that wants to ship things as fast as possible and the operations team that doesn’t want anything to blow up in production.

017-cloud computing
We eliminate performance bottlenecks by refactoring services into more scalable units, use a combination of infrastructure as code, orchestration and be proactive about automating away painful manual tasks and toil.
009-cloud computing
We help developers plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with Azure DevOps, a set of modern dev services that help them build, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud to deploy continuously.
028-cloud computing
We help you build with confidence with a comprehensive set of native business continuity solutions, providing high availability, disaster recovery, and backup to protect your mission-critical applications and data across regional levels while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.
025-cloud computing
We treat your workloads as ‘cattle’ rather than ‘pets’ by configuring all services en masse through automation to simplify and standardize the deployment of even your most complex applications consistently.

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