Why your SQL Server data belongs on Azure

Real-world results that show why Azure is the best choice

There is no denying that the last couple of years disrupted every single industry, requiring companies to rethink the way they operate. This led companies to accelerate their digital transformation and cloud strategy to take advantage of increased flexibility, scale, and cost savings that the cloud provides. With this increased dependency on the cloud, more companies are choosing Azure SQL for their database workloads.


Firstly, Microsoft has announced end of support for SQL Server 2012. This is a critical consideration if your databases are on this version. End of Support means the end of security updates, leaving your business and data exposed to security risks and compliance concerns. Azure is the only Cloud to offer three additional years of Extended Security Updates at no cost for SQL Server 2012. If you do not have the time to worry about your outdated, on-premises SQL Server, shift this workload to Azure to give you the time to plan for a proper SQL upgrade.

Secondly, Azure SQL provides deployment options to meet any requirements, from edge to cloud, taking your on-premises skills to deliver a consistent and unified experience. Azure SQL is also very cost-effective, further increased when you use Azure Hybrid Benefit to make use and maximise any existing on-premises licensing investments. Whether a simple VM migration to offload infrastructure costs or opting for a fully managed database service that does more on your behalf, every choice on Azure is a great one.

Leading the way with SQL Managed Instances

A managed SQL instance combines leading security features with complete SQL Server compatibility and a favourable business model for existing SQL Server customers. Apart from the ability to lift and shift on-premises applications to the cloud with minimal application and database changes, an SQL Managed Instance preserves all PaaS capabilities that considerably reduces management overheads and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Don’t just take our word for it. A study carried out by Enterprise Strategy Group, shows that customers who migrated their SQL Server data to Azure VMs reduced their costs by up to 47%. Customers that took it even further with a managed database service realised an additional 17% cost savings. When it comes to modernising SQL server data at scale, Azure has got your back and is undoubtedly the best choice.

An SQL Managed Instance also leads the way from a price-performance perspective. An independent research firm, Principled Technologies, published a study in May 2022 where they benchmarked SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server on AWS RDS across three different workloads. With up to five times faster performance and cost savings of up to 93%, SQL Managed Instance emerged as the leader.

How can we help?

At Veracloud, we help bridging the gap between the development team that wants to ship things as fast as possible and the operations team that doesn’t want anything to blow up in production. We can assist when it comes to consolidate, converge, automate, and orchestrate the workloads required, being them on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid setup. Don’t wait any longer before realising the benefits of digital transformation and leverage the power Azure has to offer for your business. Reach out today to learn how you may future-proof your infrastructure today.

A Malta Enterprise scheme to accelerate your Digital Journey!

Benefit from an investment scheme to take your business to the next level

With the EU committing to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050, Malta Enterprise has launched a Smart & Sustainable Investment Grant that provides business funding to support any investments that lead to more sustainable and digitalised processes towards enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise through the optimisation of the use of resources within their operations and business activities.

This presents the perfect opportunity for local companies of any size to invest in a digitalisation strategy. Whether you have one or not, let technology be the driver that takes your business to the next level. Leveraging industry-leading technology will enhance a business, secure its systems and data, and streamline its processes to become more efficient and autonomous.

An eligible investment towards Sustainable Digitalisation would require (taken directly from the Malta Enterprise Scheme)

Projects could include:

  • Increase process efficiency through IoT (smart HVAC, system monitoring, etc…)
  • Solution to establish enhance (optimise) logistics, including partnering with other firms, resulting in reduction of carbon emissions
  • The installation of building management systems to optimise heat, light and power usage
  • Industry 4.0 solutions leading to higher automation and rapid customer focused customisations

Technology giants such as Microsoft and Cisco Meraki, with an extensive ecosystem of cloud-centric offerings, are the ideal partners for digitalising your business. Microsoft and Cisco Meraki partners Veracloud will make this technology available for your business, tailored to exactly what your business and its employees require to prosper and thrive.

Reach out today to learn how Veracloud can help. Your employees and business will thank you tomorrow!

Microsoft 2021 Partner of the Year for Malta!